About Us

We are a family run business, with over 40 years in engineering & over 15 years’ experience in Landscaping and fencing. Between my son and I, we have developed a product to save many hours in not only labour but materials for installing shed & greenhouse bases, pergolas, fence posts, even garden kitchens. 

My son's landscaping and fencing business were looking for better ways of installing shed bases that used less material, less time consuming and eco-friendlier. Something that didn’t make gardens become concrete jungles. 

Using this philosophy, Eco -feet were born. 

No need for skips and lorry deliveries, less weather dependent, less labour intensified and most importantly time saving for both the client and us. 

Eco Feet use 90% less concrete than conventional methods, which is better for the garden / drainage & the environment. 

Our system looks to cut down on waste with minimal soil removal (90% less) to that of conventional methods. 

It’s a far simpler, cleaner option and more importantly, it can be moved to new locations without leaving an unsightly concrete base. Far less mess to contend with. 

The product is manufactured in the UK. 

Lastly, the time saving is enormous. A base and shed can be installed in a day!


Graham Waller

40 years engineering experience

Tom Waller.png

Tom Waller

15 years landscaping and fencing experience